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Steven E. Fitch introduces a unique, innovative technology that allows companies and individuals to cost-effectively communicate with prospects, clients/customers, employees, etc...   The medium for this marketing and communications breakthrough is that of a screen saver.

Why Screen Savers?
Screen savers are vehicles to drive your brand awareness.  You can take your message, company logo, URL, products and services, etc... and place them where your customers are all day, everyday in front of a computer.  Typical computer users spends 1,638 hours in front of a monitor per year (
Source: Newsday).  Currently, there are 6,400 computers sold every hour worldwide (Source: National Telecom Agency).  This makes screen savers a very powerful marketing tool.  Your customers / potential customers will enjoy this product long after they have clicked to another web site.

Imagine having a multimedia presentation displaying your logo and marketing message to your customers around the world.  Now imagine your customers forwarding those screen savers to other potential customers, such as their college, friends, and family.  You have the potential of having a network of billboards working for your company displaying your logo, slogans, contact information, web address, products and services, etc.... while your customers computers are sleeping. 

Why would customers or prospective customers want your company's screen saver?
It's simple... people are always looking for something fun and creative to put on their computers.  That's where good marketing comes into play.  In addition, people love freebies / giveaways.

Our goal is to partner with you to design scalable systems that will grow with your business.  Designing flexible systems that leverage technology to accommodate your complex business challenges is paramount to staying competitive.

Benefits of Screen Savers as marketing tools

  • Be where your customers are
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Promote new products and services
  • Fundraisers and/or company (or institution awareness)
  • People love to pass along catchy, creative items
  • Low cost marketing tool
  • System Requirements

Example of how this could work for you...
A manufacturer of golf equipment could offer customers a FREE screen saver featuring beautiful photos of world-class golf courses.  As an additional incentive, those customers who install the program could be entered into a drawing to win a free golf trip, receive cost-saving coupons, and be informed of special offers and new product introductions.  Specific information about the customer is collected when they complete the survey at the time of installation.  Now the golf manufacturer can send targeted communications to select customers whenever they want.

There are a growing number of companies and non-profit  organizations currently using our customized screen savers'  with very impressive results.

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